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Founded in 2010, the You Can Clinic is one of the UK's leading providers of aesthetic training and aesthetic supplies. Based in Cardiff on the UHW grounds, over 1000 medical professionals have progressed through our training programmes which provide comprehensive coverage of all relevant aesthetic procedures catering from the beginner to advanced practitioner courses.

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Meet our Alumni

Meet some of our past aesthetic practitioners and nurses who have trained and qualified at our state of the art training facility in South Wales.

I attended courses at YouCan clinic for Dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments over the weekend. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. From booking to attendance I cannot fault any stage of the process. All trainers were extremely informative and the support the groups received were outstanding. I will definitely be attending the clinic in future for further training. Thank you to all those involved.
— RGN Lori
I attended the basic Botox training course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The small group of 4 meant we were able to ask Janet tons of questions and able to have plenty of practical time too. You Can Clinic were very welcoming with a vast knowledge of the procedure and business side. Thank you guys.
— RGN Joanne - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins
Such a lovely, professional group of people. You Can Clinic are always there if needed to help with supplies and support. Really great training- I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to progress I can't say thank you enough for all their help xxx
— RGN Sam - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins
Recently attended a course, and it was absolutely fantastic. Very informative and the hands on element of the course, further enhanced the theory learnt earlier in the day. The trainer and YCC team played an essential part to making the day so great, they created an easy going and comfortable atmosphere, and would definitely recommend the company!
— Kavil - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins
Just completed both my dermal filler and botox course. Amazing experienced tutors with great training ,knowledge and after support which is greatly appreciated .Highly recommended booking your training with You Can Clinic. Looking forward to my advanced courses in the future.
— Nurse Joanne - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins & Basic dermal filler
I have recently attended a botox course lead by Janet and Ashley and I could not have asked for better! They both are truly inspirational and I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who'd like to start their adventure in aesthetics business. The limited number of participants and provision of a model for everybody made a lot of difference as well. It was fun, light and very informative. I cannot wait to participate in the next modules of my aesthetic training! Many thanks for being fantastic hosts and tutors!
— Carlos - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins
I had the pleasure of being trained by Janet. She made everyone feel comfortable and made sure everybody felt confident with the practical skills needed to do the Botox course. Would definitely recommend the course and will be going back to further develop my facial aesthetics skills. Thanks again.
— Philip - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins
The course was excellent and provided education on all aspects of weight management and the prescribing of drugs for aiding weight loss. The advise on setting up your own weight loss clinic was first class and made me feel that I am able to provide a much needed weight loss service. If there is an update in the future please let me know.
— Nurse Nicola - Weight Management Course
I thought the course was so much fun and really informative. I was really nervous with the practical but the trainer me made feel relaxed and was supportive throughout.
— Nurse Aimee
I instantly felt at ease. The trainer was very happy and friendly. The course delivery was fantastic. She had answers for all of the questions that we asked, you could tell that she was an experienced practitioner. I really enjoyed how she enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experienced with us. Thank you for a brilliant teaching session. I feel confident and informed to be able to provide a safe and fantastic service to my future clients xxx
— Nikki - General nurse Lip Masterclass
I met Rebecca on Friday for my lip masterclass at the YouCan clinic. From the moment I walked in she made me feel very welcome and was friendly. Throughout the day Rebecca passed on her knowledge, skills and experience to me with lots of slides, videos and photos. I found this very useful. Rebecca then moved on to the practical side with real models. Rebecca again gave us her expertise and experience on injection techniques, products and most of all client consultation and aftercare. At the end of the course I felt so confident and felt I could go out as an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and do lip masterclass. Thank you so much. You're a great role model to us all starting out on this journey. Thank you for giving me the confidence to accomplish my goal. You certainly get a ten out of ten from me. I hope we get the chance to train again as it would be my pleasure. 🙏🏻🥰
— Nurse practitioner - Lip masterclass
I have recently undergone a number of courses designed to teach me the basics of aesthetic procedures such as Botox, cheek, marionette and lip fillers. All provided by You Can Clinic.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my tutors who delivered extremely informative sessions.

Thank you
— Dental Hygienist Clare - Lip Master course
Just to message to say ‘Thank you’ for facilitating and modelling in todays skin booster course. I really enjoyed it. It was well run and there was ample opportunity for clinical practice too.
I will pop in to see you and arrange purchasing some products in the coming weeks.
— GP Suzanne - Skin Booster course
Excellent course , clear and evidence based course . Answered lots of questions . Thank you.
— Aruna - Weight Management Course
The foundation Botox course is fantastic and I would definitely recommend to anyone. The trainer was relaxed and patient and very informative. We we’re provided with lots of prep time in the morning so that by the time the models came in the afternoon I felt prepared and confident to inject! Thank you☺️
— Nurse Lori - Introduction into Botox training course
Fantastic course! I loved that the first part of the course was online, as this gave me time to go over the information multiple times prior to the practical day. On the practical day the trainer was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was patient and helpful when we we’re practicing on the models, giving clear guidance. She also gave us information that will help with starting our business and contact details to call if we needed anything in future. I have already booked my next courses with You Can Clinic. Highly recommend!
— Nurse Lori - Basic Dermal Filler training
I thoroughly enjoyed the lip masterclass day. Being fairly new to aesthetics the trainer ensured that I fully understood everything and maintained a high level of skill and expertise throughout the training. You can tell giving the perfect/desired lip is her fortay and this was reflected through her teaching. She answered all questions I threw her way and this has now given me the confidence and competence to go out and progress as a safe practitioner, whilst also having her at the end of the phone for support when needed. Thank you so much for all your help.
— Nurse Leah - Lip Masterclass
The lip masterclass was fantastic. Rebecca is so passionate about lips and this oozes in her teaching. The course has an excellent balance of theory and practical, the content is delivered by in a very professional manner, Rebecca's knowledge and love for aesthetics shines through. The techniques taught I've already put into practice and the results are amazing! So thank you! Fantastic teacher and one of the best courses I've attended. I would definitely recommend and I will certainly be returning!
— Nurse Practitioner - Lip Masterclass
The friendly, approachable nature of the course tutors made it easy to learn. It was exactly the info. I needed. Janet sent her hubby to get me deodorant ! Above and beyond.
— Nurse Katie - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 12.08.2022
The whole course was well organized. Very interactive and full of information. Fantastic course, would highly recommend. Trainer Janet was fantastic – Thank you !
— Nurse Hayley - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 06.08.2022
My favourite part of the course was the practical aspect of time dedicated to this small group. Considering I had not injected for a long time, the trainer put me at ease and at the end of the course I felt confident with this.
— Jess Hazelton Nurse - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins16.12.2022
Good amount of practice. Good variation of ‘model’ good to know the difference in a man. Enjoyed it all. Written information about trouble shooting. Thanks you have been great.
— Dr Christine - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 12.08.2022
I have put off doing the lip masterclass for months due to anxieties around complications and nerves. But there was literally no need.
Hannah has such a wealth of knowledge about all things lips. From anatomy and structures, formats for injecting, complications (should they arise) and product choices! Also the way she teaches the theory and then a full afternoon with live models was fantastic.
I went in anxious about it and left feeling confident in my own knowledge and abilities. I have taken on board everything Hannah taught us and will continue to do so through my aesthetic careers.
— RGN Zoe - Lip Masterclass 19.08.2022
Thank you Hannah for the lip master class. Hannah was very professional and thoroughly explained everything in detail throughout the theory and practical. Hannah talked through the practical to ensure that I felt confident and the model felt comfortable. I have learnt so much and will continue to practice what I have achieved from the day with Hannah thank you so much!! You we’re fab
— RGN Rebecca Rees - Lip Masterclass 19.08.2022
Hannah and Sally were both very welcoming and friendly. Hannah is very enthusiastic about her work and very good at what she does. She made me feel at ease and ensured I felt confident in what I was doing. I really enjoyed the structure of the course, and practising before seeing the models gave me a bit more confidence too! I can’t wait to start putting into practice what I have learnt. Thank you so much!
— RNMH Nadia - Lip Masterclass 19.08.2022
Kate’s reassurance and calmness instantly made me feel at ease. Very practical and useful information given. Excellent course. Thank you so much for your teaching and support. I will definitely be back for further courses !
— Nurse Liz Davies - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 11.02.2023
My favourite part was practising, very hands on and lots of time for questions.
— RGN Alana - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 03.09.2022
My favourite part of the course was the confidence given through the day.
— RGN Elaine - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 03.09.2022
Fabulous course, well organised and engaging. Hannah was incredible and very thorough. Amazing, highly recommend. The trainer was very supportive and knowledge were very beneficial.
— Dental hygienist Saaed - Lip Masterclass 29.09.2022
My favourite part of the course was practising on the real-life models.
— RGN Louise - Lip Masterclass 29.09.2022
My favourite part of the course was the practical. The folder with the information as well as on screen and the video of the vessels under the skin. Hannah was amazing! Thank you !
— RGN Kayleigh - Lip Masterclass 29.09.2022
My favourite part was the practical session. I really enjoyed the course. Well presented, all questions and I feel confident!
— RGN Elizabeth - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
My favourite part was the practical session. Kate and Louise were friendly, helpful and encouraging.
— RGN Deborah - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
Loads of practical experience and felt comfortable to ask questions. Thank you!
— RGN Isabella Jones - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
My favourite part was the practical aspect. Lots of opportunity to ask questions. Trainer knowledgeable and experienced.
— Charlotte Jones - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
A lot of practicing which built confidence.
— RGN Anya - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
Hannah was incredible, she truly is an expert in this field. She has vast amount of knowledge and experience in the world of facial aesthetics, especially lips.
The lips masterclass was very thorough and enjoyable. Hannah made it very clear and easy to understand through her own style of teaching. I’m looking forward to putting all this into practise with my patients!
— Dental hygienist Saaed - Lip Masterclass 29.09.2022
I recently attended a Botulinum Toxin course at YouCan and had no previous experience at all in aesthetics. It was fantastic! Their courses are specifically aimed at professionals who have some knowledge of pharmacology and anatomy (and this is all provided to you prior to the course as pre-reading). This meant that the course wasn’t too basic, and the focus was quite practical. We were given a really good explanation of how the toxin works on each underlying muscle, and had lots of time to practice administration techniques on dummies before we treated models. I left feeling really confident! I was pleasantly surprised at the aftercare! I had expected to do the course and then be out on a limb, but I was contacted the next working day with lots of helpful and relevant information on things like insurance companies, offers of business advice, electronic templates for consenting clients etc, and the promise of always being at the end of the phone with any further problems. I’m so glad I chose YouCan clinic and can’t wait to book more courses!
— RGN Elizabeth - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
The Introduction to Botulinum was my first aesthetics course. Kate was friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable on the topics covered. I completed the course feeling confident in carrying out procedures on clients on the future. The good thing about You Can Clinic is the ongoing support and advice you receive following your course. I have already booked further courses and am looking forward to starting an aesthetics career with confidence.
— RGN Charlotte Jones - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 01.10.2022
My favourite part of the training course was the practical session. Really good being interactive and able to ask questions. Looking forward to attending more courses.
— RGN Hayley - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 19.11.2022
My favourite part of the training was marking each other and the trainer Janet. Enjoyed every bit of the course. We had the trainer’s full attention.
— Dr Maity - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 22.10.2022
Janet was extremely informative and made me feel so relaxed. The practical demos were excellent.
— RGN Natalie - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 22.10.2022
Thank you for a great day, so helpful. Can’t wait to attend another course.
— RGN Samantha - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 22.10.2022
My favourite part of the training was the practical part. Janet was amazing and very professional. I really enjoyed the course.
— Nurse Ana
My favourite part of the course was the small group sizes and being able to inject various patients using different techniques. The course and trainer were excellent !
— Sarah Davies - Advanced Botox course 12.11.2022
My favourite part of the training course was the practical, totally relevant. Hands on, warm and extremely engaging trainer.
— RGN Natasha - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 19th November 2022
My favourite part of the course was being put at ease as I arrived by the tutor. Felt that I could ask even silly question. Thanks you for being so approachable during the course.
— Bethan Morgan Nurse - Introduction into Botulinum Toxins 16.12.2022
Trainer Kate is very friendly, knowledgable and an excellent communicator.
— Luke
Kate is an excellent trainer, supporting us through every step of the skin booster course! Amazing course!
— Anita Roberts