Practical / Online

Weight Management Training Courses

Weight management is not just an important facet of healthcare, it is also important in aesthetics. Currently there are a number of novel treatments that are available to the healthcare professional that have revolutionised weight management.

This training course, delivered by one of our experienced doctors, covers the fundamentals that allow healthcare professionals to offer an excellent service to their patients and clients. There are opportunities for interactive role play, reflection and guidance on how knowledge can be directly related back to practice. This course includes:

  • Revisiting the basic physiological principles behind the regulation of appetite
  • Giving the evidence behind the bio-psycho-social impacts of being overweight or obese
  • Talking about practical but sustainable methods to encourage and empower patients to modify their own lifestyle (using motivational interviewing and change behaviour models)
  • Covering the newer treatments available (including a focus on how GLP-1 analogues are prescribed and the associated revolutionary outcomes)

It really does give healthcare professionals the opportunity to build their confidence in providing an excellent individualised healthcare service to their patients and clients struggling with weight issues. Our associated pharmacy can dispense prescriptions for those that go through this weight management training course. We are also able to support interaction between our delegates and the pharmaceutical companies should this be required.