You don’t have to be a genius to know that aesthetics is an incredibly fast-growing industry. For medical professionals such as doctors, this thriving field can offer an attractive new career move that is both challenging and rewarding.

Whether you’re looking for more variety in your day-to-day life or a better work/life balance, aesthetics training could be an excellent option for you. To help you better understand the benefits of this career path, here are six of the main reasons why you may want to become an aesthetic nurse

Become An Aesthetic Nurse Because: 

  1. It is incredibly rewarding
  2. There is a growing demand for aesthetics
  3. It is a flexible career option
  4. There are fantastic career development opportunities 
  5. There is a high earning potential
  6. Each day is different

1. It Is Incredibly Rewarding

Working as an aesthetics nurse allows you to enhance a patient’s natural beauty and assist them in creating the best physical version of themselves. As well as being a positive experience for your clients, it also means that you’ll be working in a joyful and positive environment. 

Why become an aesthetic nurse
Many aesthetic nurses say that one of their main reasons for choosing a career in aesthetics is the opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of their patients. 

2. There Is A Growing Demand For Aesthetics

The aesthetic medicine industry is estimated to be worth in excess of £3.6 billion in the UK alone, and is growing 14% year on year.

Not only is the demand for anti-aging procedures extremely high, but thanks to the growing awareness around the concerning lack of regulations in this country, patients are also increasingly seeking treatments from qualified professionals such as doctors. 

This request for aestheticians with extensive medical qualifications and experience means that on completion of training, your services will be in high demand from the UK public. With the aesthetics industry worth billions in the UK alone and steadily rising each year, now is the perfect time to enter the industry. 

3. It Is A Flexible Career Option

The healthcare industry can be demanding and can involve long hours, but a career in the aesthetic industry can give you much more control over your work/life balance.

You will have the freedom of being able to choose which days you want to work, how many clients you see and at hours that suit you and your schedule. This allows you to dedicate more time to your personal life and those around you. 

The flexibility associated with a career in aesthetic medicine means it’s often possible to practice alongside remaining in the NHS, though those with an entrepreneurial streak may choose to take the plunge into aesthetics as a full time career by running their own clinic.

Why you should become an aesthetic nurse
As an aesthetic nurse, you will have the freedom of being able to choose which days you want to work.

4. There Are Fantastic Career Development Opportunities 

The global aesthetics industry is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 14.5% from 2022 to 2030.

It’s a fascinating time to be involved in aesthetics, and our range of high quality, value-for- money aesthetic courses offers a fantastic chance for medical professionals to get involved.

We also offer other types of courses such as dermaplaning, weight management and eyebrow/eyelash treatment

5. There Is A High Earning Potential

Like most medical professionals, aesthetic nurses typically enjoy a rewarding salary in exchange for their services.

As mentioned above, the flexibility associated with a career in aesthetic medicine allows you to dictate how much you make and adjust your working hours to meet your desired salary. 

Most aesthetic treatments are performed in around 15-20 minutes, and the vast majority of them cost hundreds of pounds per procedure. Aesthetics is therefore a highly skilled profession that individuals are willing to pay a lot for.

If you’re eager to put in the work, there are endless opportunities to make a high-paying, rewarding living.

6. Each Day Is Different

The beauty of being an aesthetic nurse is that every day will be different, which is great, because no one likes a repetitive job!

Even if you’re doing something you really enjoy – variety is the spice of life.

As such, becoming an aesthetic nurse can not only provide you with greater flexibility but also the variation that you're potentially craving from a new career.

Reasons to become an aesthetic nurse
Whether you choose to go part or full time, everyday will be different - new clients, new treatments and new challenges. You can view our full range of courses here

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May 30, 2022 — Aled Nelmes