Demand for aesthetic medical treatment is rapidly growing across the world, and more and more doctors and nurses are becoming interested in widening their skill and business base through aesthetic medicine

The good news is, the aesthetics industry is well catered for when it comes to training, with a wide range of courses to choose from. But with so many out there, it can be a little tricky deciding which to go for.

To help, here are 5 things you should look out for when choosing the right aesthetic training course

When choosing the right aesthetic training course;

  1. Look at past customer reviews
  2. Find out if the trainers are qualified and experienced
  3. Look at the course content
  4. Find out the duration of the course
  5. Find out if they offer post-training development

1. Look At Past Customer Reviews

One of the best ways you can assess what other customers think about a training course is through checking previous reviews and testimonials.

Reviews can really help you decide whether or not a training course is worth your time, as they are a non-biased reflection of the course and other people’s opinion of it.

With the rise of social media and current technology, Facebook reviews have become a reliable way to assess a service as have services such as Google My Business. You can also often find reviews on the website of a training course. 

Reviews for aesthetic training course

At You Can Clinic, we pride ourselves on our excellent feedback, and you can find our testimonials on our website or Google My Business (4.8 stars)

2. Find Out If The Trainers Are Qualified And Experienced

Another key factor to consider when choosing the right aesthetic training course is the qualifications of those who will be training you.

Opt for a course run by trainers who are highly-qualified practitioners and experts in the field of aesthetics.

It’s important that the trainer has at least one year’s experience within cosmetic surgery and is up to date with the latest techniques. By learning from skilled individuals, you are more likely to become an expert yourself in the field of medical aesthetics and follow in their footsteps. 

All of our trainers here at the You Can Clinic have at least 10 years experience in the aesthetic arena and have trained over 1000 healthcare professionals in aesthetic procedures.

Aesthetic Trainer - Janet 

Janet has been an aesthetic trainer with the You Can Clinic for over 6 years and works as an endocrine nurse.

She has even won the UK's Endocrine Nurse of the Year award from the British Endocrine Societies. Janet's interests include holistic anti-aging strategies.

Head of Aesthetic Training - Claire 

Since qualifying in nursing in 2004, Claire has been practising aesthetic medicine and prides herself on delivering outstanding and bespoke training for trainees who wish to start and/or expand their aesthetic practice.

Claire teaches across all aesthetic courses, from beginner to advanced and also offers mentorship in procedures on a one-to-one basis to help with the acquisition of practical skills.

She works closely with the industry to ensure that the You Can Clinic delivers the most up-to-date and relevant training programmes and is also a member of the JCCP and an examiner for the fast track exam.

3. Look At The Course Content

Choosing the best course for you is crucial, so make sure you do your research on the course content to fully understand what you’ll be learning. 

You also want to make sure that you choose a course that uses live models rather than plastic dummies.

Mannequins are not reflective of real-life patients and miss out on many important factors like differing client anatomy and managing expectations. For you to confidently treat your own patients single-handedly, live practical experience is therefore absolutely essential.

The more practice you get on a course with a trainer, the better the retention of knowledge and more confidence when treating patients independently. No attendee should leave feeling underconfident to start treating paying clients upon completion of training.

Aesthetic training course

For you to confidently treat your own patients single-handedly, live practical experience is absolutely essential.

4. Find Out The Duration Of The Course

Another important factor to consider when choosing the perfect training course is your availability. If you need to keep your full-time work, you should look for a training course provider that can flexibly adjust to your schedule.

It's generally best to avoid long programmes, and instead select one that lasts only a day or two so that it won’t consume much of your time. This allows you more time serving your patients and other healthcare clients.  

The duration of our courses here at the You Can Clinic are no longer than one day. 

5. Find Out If They Offer Post-Training Development

Last but certainly not least, choose a training programme that offers post-training support. 

What you do after the course is just as important as the course itself, because if you don't know what to do next, you may give up on a future career in aesthetics altogether. 

At You Can Clinic, we support further development from courses with one-to-one mentorship programmes, as well as catering for all aesthetic products via our online pharmacy where we stock all major aesthetic products. This includes chemical peels and dermal fillers

Aesthetic training course

 It's generally best to avoid long programmes, and instead select one that lasts only a day or two so that it won’t consume much of your time.

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Written by Kate, for You Can Clinic

July 12, 2022 — Holly Charman